Mar 28, 2017

Top 5 Worst Things To Say To A Pregnant Woman

As we near the final weeks of my second pregnancy, I've heard so many of my friends share that as much as they love being pregnant, there really is so bad etiquette out there. I was actually shocked when one of my girlfriends had a complete stranger ask her while she was grocery shopping with her two kids, if her third child was an 'OPPS baby?!'. WHAT!

Thinking about all of this made me realize, we're probably not alone in hearing some pretty interesting comments being made to us so I came up with the 5 worst things you can to a pregnant woman. Read. Set. Here we go.

1. " Oh My Gosh! You're HUGE! " - I've had this happen to me on several occasions. As many of you know, my son seems to be pretty large as I'm measuring a month ahead of my due date. Can I help it? Of course not! But to keep belittling how large my stomach is when I had just started my third trimester did not make me excited for the upcoming 3 months. Rude.

2.  "Are You Having Twins? "- Well, hopefully this isn't the case but no I am not. Again, implying that my stomach is larger than what a 'normal' pregnant woman should look like is just not cool.

3. "I Guess You Gained All Your Weight The Second Time" - Having this be my second time pregnant, yes you do gain quicker. I personally started showing at around 8-10 weeks but it was because my stomach was already ready to start growing our little miracle.

4. "Do You Think It'll Take Long For You To Lose All The Weight?" - Truth be told, I gained almost 60lbs with my daughter. That's right! The majority of those 60lbs however was due to my preclampsia that I had developed at 36 weeks. Regardless, I was able to loose and maintain all that weight over time. It really stressed me out and made me think I would never get to my post weight.

5.  "Those Stretch Marks Look Awful"- A girlfriend told me this was said to her the other day and I almost started crying for her. Stretch marks shouldn't be frowned or made fun of. They are your warrior marks that you were able to carry a life inside of you. How blessed are you?! I love mine and embrace them, and anyone else should as well. Ps- my husband loves them!

What was the worst thing someone said to you while pregnant?
Any crazy stories?

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