Aug 22, 2017

FriXion Erasable ColorSticks

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It’s back to school season and I love the new FriXion Erasable ColorSticks and FriXon Erasable Colors Marker Pens at Target because my kids are able to write fearlessly!
With FriXion Erasable ColorSticks and FriXon Erasable Colors Marker Pens, my kids are able to write, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging their schoolwork. No wear or tear! The secret is the unique thermos-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with erasing friction. My kids do not have jitters about creating errors because they have unlimited do-overs!
There are two new packs of FriXion ColorSticks Erasable Gel Pens & FriXion Colors Erasable Marker Pens and they are only available at Target; make back-to-School less stressful and more fun with your favorite FriXion pens and #PilotYourLife
Ready for some more exciting news? You can save $1.00 on any 2-pack (or larger) of FriXion ColorSticks Erasable Gel Pens & FriXion Colors Erasable Marker Pens if you shop now in the Back to School Season.

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Aug 21, 2017

My Salon Suites Experience

Yesterday was one of those pinch me moments. One where, as a Mom, you wish you could experience every week, but usually it's about every few years. I was asked to check out My Salon Suites Cumberland yesterday morning to a fresh blow out and facial. The idea behind these salon suites offering private studios for businesses specializing in beauty care like nail, hair or facials. I was able to visit two different suites; Studio Queen Bee and Jiffy Dry Bar.

When I arrived early before 9am, I was greeted by one of the owners, Angie, who was so gracious and welcoming when I came in. She walked me through the various studios to Ivante's Studio Queen Bee suite where she had the room so comfortable, warm and plush! ( I mean look at that robe and blanket! )! I first got a body scrub that was heavnly! The scrub was a great exfoliations on my skin, especially on my elbows and behind my knees where so much dirt can be hidden! It felt extremely smooth and almost glowing afterwards as I slipped into my own little silk body suite!

The best part was her incredible facial. Like I said in my Insta Stories, I had only received one other facial about 20 years ago ( awful I know ) so I was extremely overdue! We did a Microdermabrasion facial which is using a machine to gently sand your  skin to remove the thicker outer layer. Because of my scars, sun damage and stretch marks it was perfect to help tighten my skin and improve my age spots. My skin has never looked or felt smoother, softer and brighter after!

After my hour and a half appointment, I walked down the hall and met Loyta of Jiffy Dry Bar who was so sweet and adorable in giving me natural fun waves with my hair! We had such a fun time talking about our kids and laughing about our days as Moms. She did a fabulous job and I walked out feeling gorgeous and finally put together again!

After all was finished, I finally looked at my phone and realized I had been gone for 5 hours! I couldn't believe it- not because it had taken so long but because for the first time in a long time I was in the moment with the personal attention I was getting from such great beauty experts as well as taking the time for myself to enjoy it! Poor Zach was worried because I'm never without my phone for more than 5 minutes so because I had messaged him in a few hours he thought I was in trouble! Opps! The point is we need to take time for ourselves because we deserve it! Truly friends! It does wonders for the soul, for the mind and most of all, for you! I'll be going back as often as I can get a babysitter ( or bribe Zach ha ) because it's so worth it!

A huge shoutout to My Salon Suites for such an incredible experience as well as two fabulous who made me feel wonderful! Take a look at all the other salons in this suite ( they have other locations too ) to find your favorites!
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Aug 18, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! As you know last weekend was a huge whirlwind for the past 24 hours when I traveled to Chicago and I wish I could say this was going to be a low key one ( my plans weren't huge until a few days ago ) but then I have so many things that occurred at once! Not that I'm complaining- you all know I love to be super busy! I'm going to a friend's work Bowling Charity event tomorrow afternoon ( hey freeee food and drinks! ) and then a much needed pampering for this Mom on Sunday including a facial and blow dry! Score! I'll be sharing more about all of it next week so stay tuned!

Ugh you guys what a week it's been. Especially with #breastfeeding. Sunday I had the worst clogged milk duct ( TMI? ) so I had to catch an earlier flight back home. Monday night my pump broke so I was scrambling on what to do (thank you Melissa for lending me yours!) and then yesterday I forgot part of the new pump's cord to plug it in so I had to hand express all day at work. Ya'll it was ROUGH and I almost gave up all together thinking it was a sign that I should just be done. Well, I'm still at it today and just taking it day by day. I'd like to get up to 6 months if I can ( we're at 3 1/2 right now ) so we'll see. You understand right? and hey, sorry if you're a guy and you don't get this part ha.

Alright so let's get to the real reason why you're here. Five on Friday! It's where I share some of my favorite finds and things of the week with you all. As always, I'd love to hear what you're enjoying too in the comments below!

1. Godiva - You all know I'm a choc-a-holic. I swear it's in my blood for this awful sweet tooth. Anyways, I was sent this adorable gift bundle the other day and I had to almost restrain myself to get a picture first before I dove into the dark chocolate pieces. Thanks Godiva for such yummy goodies.

2. Milestones - We're already reaching that point where it's a big milestone. Okay well to me it is. Zach and I have been having a debate on when to move Landon from our move to his own room and we compromised on starting tonight. I remember going through this with Lily and ( no joke ) sleeping by her crib when we moved her. I'm already planning on possibly doing that with this little guy tonight. Am I crazy? Why are we already at this point?! Suggestions Moms?

3. Mediate- With work being stressful and lots of other behind the scenes of the blog, I've been trying really hard to take a step back and do some fun breathing exercises a friend shared with me. I've never been one to mediate but it's really helped me relax and end my day on the right foot.

4. Girl Time - Like I mentioned above of the weekend plans, I'm super excited for a bit of pampering and much needed girl time with some of best girlfriends! Of course I love my family dearly but enjoying that time by ourselves is always needed too!

5. Organizing- I'm so excited to get some organization done this with my girl Tyler coming over tonight! We're going to be going through all the rooms in my house ( lord help me ) and figuring out which one I should focus on sharing with you on the blog to clean out and start fresh. I'm always up for getting things organized and a bit more functional in our home so this will be perfect!

What are your weekend plans friends? Anything fun going on in your town? Let me know! 

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