Feb 23, 2017

Spring Dress For A Growing Bump

You're probably reading this thinking "Um, Cait it's still winter where we live" and I'm so sorry for those of you all who are dealing with the wet snow and ice! For some of us that live in the southern states like myself, I'm just itching for those gorgeous spring dresses, especially ones that can fit this 6 1/2 month growing bump I have!

This gorgeous navy baby doll dress is going to be on repeat right now with some gorgeous weather we're having here in Atlanta and also was perfect for a little date night last weekend when Zach and I had our Babymoon! The material is extremely light weight plus the spandex is perfect for my bump to feel nice and snug! You can't go wrong with the color either because I just adore the pop of pinks and yellows in the flowers! I also love that the sleeves come to my elbows because I tend to get a bit chilly.

If you're looking for the perfect spring dress for your growing pump, check out Poppy and Dot today! Oh and don't mind my awful sunburn! We were only out in the sun this weekend for about two hours and I got fried quickly. Opps!

What are your favorite dresses to wear in the spring?
Share some favorite maternity ones!
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Feb 22, 2017

3 Beauty Must Haves

I've been holding onto a gift card to Sephora the last few months ( crazy I know ) because I really had no idea what I wanted or needed to get from the store but many of you suggested some relaxing beauty must haves that I thought I'd share today!

1. Philosophy- I never knew how much I adored a good shampoo/body bath but this particular Amazing Grace takes the cake! It has such a clean, girly scent to it but not overwhelming. Plus I love how you can use it for either shampoo. a body wash or just to throw in the tub for a relaxing soak.

2. Josie Maran Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub- Many of you highly recommended I try this scrub as I tend to have pretty dry skin and this really helps to hydrate and exfoliate with it's delicate sugar crystals and 100% pure argan oil. It's a game changer you guys! The second I scrub it on in the shower or in the bath, my skin feels so smooth, clean and brighter! The combination of the coconut oil, argan oil and shea butter gives my skin the glow it needs this winter and one I'm hoping to just keep using year round!

3. Brush - You've heard me talk a lot about how thick and wavy my hair can be. I've been on the hunt for a really good brush and think I found something ideal! This blow dry brush is perfect for getting all the snarls out of my hair after washing it as well as helping to tame it while I blow dry. It's shaped to cup your scalp and feels as if I'm giving my scalp a mini massage each time I use it. I also appreciate how light weight it is so traveling with it should be a breeze!

What are some of your beauty must haves? 

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Feb 21, 2017

Babymoon In Bluffton

This past weekend Zach and I took a Babymoon ( aka a vacation before your new baby arrives ) to Bluffton, South Carolina. We actually never took one when I was pregnant with Lily and we both know that after this little man gets here in a few weeks, we're probably done having kids, so why not spend a bit of vacation together to relax before the chaos begins?
We chose Bluffton for a few reasons. It was a relatively easy drive for us ( about 4 hours ), it was somewhere new we hadn't been together ( which is exciting for us being together almost 10 years ) and it was a low key atmosphere. In fact, where we stayed at was actually my Grandparent's old home but was passed down to my Uncle and Aunt when my Grandpa passed away and my Grandma moved to Chicago to be closer to family. I actually hadn't been to their home in several years so it was a comfort to me to be back there with their great grandchild in my stomach.

Bluffton is only a few minutes from Hilton Head and because Zach and I drove straight from dropping Lily off at a friend's for the weekend, we didn't get in until late Friday night. We woke up early Saturday morning and knew immediately we wanted to drive into Hilton Head to start our day.

We went to a few local outlet malls ( hello 70% off Michael Kors bags ! )  and opted to have lunch near the water at a restaurant many of you recommended. Poseidon is located in a cute little mall area overlooking the marsh's of the island. We opted to sit outside even though it was a little chilly out. I loved the fresh calamari and my blackened mahi mahi taco!

Afterwards I was able to get a much needed mani and pedi near by. I heard so many great things about SNS nails and wanted to give it a try since my nails are extremely brital and SNS nails are known to have vitamin c and calcium to help with your nail growth. Sign me up! Plus it was a non painless process and went by quick. A gel quality without the gel! I chose color 80 for those asking.
We raced home to meet up with my Uncle and a few of my Grandparent's old neighbors. It was such so nice to see them again, all asking how we were and remembering my Grandparent's so fondly. They still talk to my 90 year old Grandma who lives up in Chicago but of course miss her terribly now that she moved. Remind me to move to this darling community when I'm old and grey in a few years!

Sunday morning was a gorgeous one with blue skies and lots of sunshine so we took my Grandpa's convertible bug out to the beach! It was such a fun and relaxing morning that by mid afternoon we were really burnt and sleepy from being in the sun all day. Zach found a delicious restaurant on the water called Skull Creek Boathouse. We loved the low key atmosphere, the amazing seafood ( we adored the steamed oysters ) and how pet friendly it was. So many families brought their adorable dogs to enjoy the pretty day. We ended our last day of vacation with a quick dinner with my Uncle and went to bed early for our drive home yesterday morning.

As sad as it was that our Babymoon was over, we were anxious to see our little girl again! Hope you all had a great President's Day weekend!

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